Bespoke Greenhouses

Bespoke greenhouses by Pages Greenhouses are tailor made to your exact requirements.

A greenhouse should be an attractive feature within your garden and a necessity for any keen gardener.

Pages Greenhouses work closely with you, from initial planning, to design, construction and completion of your new bespoke greenhouse.

Whilst we can offer a huge range of design options, many of our clients have a clear idea of what they require from a bespoke greenhouse.

Pages Greenhouses can offer you a free site survey with planning advice, from which we design and construct your bespoke greenhouse, tailored to your requirements.

We pride ourselves on the high level of professional service and commitment that we give to our clients.

Whether you are a keen grower or a weekend gardener, Pages Greenhouses can plan, design, construct and deliver the perfect bespoke greenhouse to suit you and your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need planning permission for a greenhouse?

As an outbuilding, greenhouses do not come under planning permission but must be under four metres in height. There are other details to consider such as listed buildings and greenhouses attached to houses.

Can you give me advice on restoring or replacing my greenhouse?

Absolutely! Advice on this subject can help determine your next step.

What are the sizes of your greenhouses?

There are no set factory sizes - each greenhouse is bespoke to the customer's exact requirements.

Where can we see one of your greenhouses?

Within our customer portfolio many are happy to show their greenhouse to other customers. All of the greenhouses shown in the galleries on this website are greenhouses built, replaced or restored by Pages Greenhouses.

Why are there no prices on your website?

Simply because no greenhouse build, replacement or restoration project has ever been the same as the next.

Tell me about.....Greenhouse Foundations

When planning a new greenhouse the base work is very important - from the location, to the levels in the garden and soil conditions. These will determine the correct depth and width of your perimeter concrete footings for your brickwork to go onto.

Tell me about.....Greenhouse Brickwork

The brickwork of your bespoke garden greenhouse only needs to be a single course brickwork, with no D.P.C. (Damp Proof Course). The hardest decision may be the choice of brick and brickwork height you would like. Many greenhouses have a brickwork height of approximately 750mm or top benching inside finished at working height.

Tell me about.....Greenhouse Staging

Inside staging or benching can be provided either in aluminium or traditional slatted staging in standard sizes or bespoke to any size required.

Tell me about.....Greenhouse Power, Heating and Lighting

With a power supply to the greenhouse you can have greenhouse water proof sockets; heating installed; and white lighting for those darker winter months. The most cost effective heating is normally electric heater tubes with a thermostatic control - extra blow heaters may be required for larger greenhouses if you are trying to hold a higher temperature.

Tell me about.....Greenhouse Interior Design

When considering the size of your greenhouse at the planning stage, consideration of your interior design, layout and the growing area are very important. You may have a combination of staging and soil growing areas - perhaps with a centre path design (depending on your requirements), but this will determine how you will use your greenhouse growing area.

Tell me about.....Greenhouse Blinds

Our greenhouse blinds are made from non-fabric material and come in a mesh screen format. They are available in an inside roller blind design, built to your bespoke requirements.

I have lots more Questions...

Great - just contact us and we'll do our level best to answer them!.